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6 panel Digipak 

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New Album!

Planetarium II. The conceptual follower of original Planetarium album. It extends the analysis of extrapolation of cosmic mysteries,

clandestine dimensions and extramundane weirdness. So keep following the celestial anomalies.


1 - Sheen Of Urania

2 - Extra Terrestrial Arcana

3 - Drinking Sulfur, Devouring The Sun

4 - Route To Andromeda

5 - The Moon In The Seventh House

6 - Let The Fire Burn!

7 - Earth (Alpha & Omega)

8 - A Temple Of My Choice

Planetarium II was recorded at Miasma Studio 2017-2020

All music and lyrics written by Astaroth Merc

Arranged and recorded by Astaroth Merc

Additional female voice by Alina Belova

Front cover and layout by Olga Kann

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