RAVENTALE - Morphine Dead Gardens Digipack CD

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Цена 250 грн (только для покупателей из Украины)

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6 Panel Digipack CD
New album!
Ukrainian Atmospheric Funeral Doom Metal
CD contains 5 tracks approx. 60 min total duration.

Raventale announces a new album called "Morphine Dead Gardens". It’s a 60-minute long concentrated atmospheric funeral doom metal, full of empathic melodies, catatonic viscosity and ether saturation. "MDG" will make a listener embark on a slow journey through the withering gardens of melancholy, soporific dormancy of ashen landscapes and cernuous boughs, clouded mind and cherishing mirages. Let the dizzying temptation lead you this path of estrangement and join into the morphine trance of the silence

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