ULVEGR - Titahion: Kaos Manifest LP

Brand: Purity Through Fire
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1. Sol In Signo Sagittarii

2. Throne Among The Void

3. Thousand Aeons In Transcedent Abyss

4. When Stars Will Turn To Ashes

5. She, Who Grants Sufferings

6. U-tuk-ku Lim-nu

7. Manifestations Of Havoc

8. Bloodcult. Initiation.

9. Black Light Of A Dying Sun

Recorded in Hold Records and Dark Essence Studios, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2015-2016.

Engineered by Rst7/CBSIE and Astargh.

Mixed and mastered in Dark Essence Studios, winter 2016-2017.

Engineered by Astargh.

Music written by Helg

Lyrics written by Helg (track 2,4,9) and Zhoth (track 5,7)

Produced by Ulvegr

Arranged by Helg, Astargh and Hyozt

Helg - guitars,bass and vocals

Odalv - drums


Astargh - lead and rhythm guitars and vocals

Hyozt - keys and samples

Zhoth - Vocals on "She, Who Grants Sufferings"

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