KRODA - Live Under Hexenhammer - Heil Ragnarok Digipack 2CD

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2CD contains 13 tracks approx. 100 min total duration.

8 panel digipack edition and 16 pages booklet.

Ukrainian cult black metal band

This 2 CD live album was originally planned only as a digital release. 

But after 8 years, he has not lost demand and its relevance.

The album is unique in that only on it many songs and cover versions are performed live. 

And these cover versions and songs are not on studio albums.

Track listing:

1. Schwarzpfad V - Kalte Aurora (Intro I)

2. Schwarzpfad I - First Snow

3. Schwarzpfad II - Universal Provenances

4. Schwarzpfad III - Forefather Of Hangmen

5. Schwarzpfad IV - Heil Ragnarok!

6. Noregsgard

7. Kroda (Intro II)

8. Eternal Path Of Legends

9. In The Smoke Breath

10. Beginning Of The Wild Winter Night Of Oskorei

11. Soul Wandering (Intro III)

12. The Passing Of The Grey Company

13. Der Scharlachrote Tod

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